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TRUSCEND Topwater Fishing Lures with BKK Hooks

TRUSCEND Topwater Fishing Lures with BKK Hooks

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This topwater lures have a unique mouth that provides resistance splash. And then it can create a much deeper gurgling sound and a more aggressive popping action, perfectly mimic a struggling baitfish on the surface, help trigger more bites.Classic pencil lure with 3D eyes and laser effect scale. Attract fish by reflecting lights from all directions. With it's one knock cadence rattle, this unique pencil lures trigger exciting top water strikes, draw predators' attention, convince fish to strike.

Number of Pieces:3
Target Species:Bass
Item Weight:‎‎‎‎ 0.4oz/11.5g、0.8oz/22.5g
Package Weight:0.06 Kilograms/‎0.09 Kilograms

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